What is an authorization hold?

Authorization holds occur when a purchase is made online or by phone. An authorization hold for the entire amount of the order is placed on your credit card when the order is confirmed.  Once the merchandise ships, your credit card will be charged and the hold is removed.

If you're using a debit card to make your purchase, we will request authorization from your bank for the transaction amount immediately after you click "submit".  Your bank will place a hold on these funds in anticipation of receiving the actual withdrawal from your deposit account.  We do not process the actual charge to your debit card until your order is shipped; however, we will request another authorization from your bank to verify that the funds remain available if there is a delay from your order date to our shipping date.

In the event that your order is canceled, you may contact your bank to request an immediate release of any holds on your deposit account.  If your bank is unable to assist you, please email:support@laureldales.com and provide the following:

  • • Name
  • • Order number
  • • Date of purchase
  • • Transaction amount
  • • Issuing bank name and the fax number or email address

The exact time frame for removal is determined by the card's issuing bank.